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How to make money online without paying anything

How to make money online without paying anything

This guide will show and guide you through process that I have been using to make extra cash online….
Sounds good?

Let’s start…

As an M.Sc of Informatics  and big sceptic about this kind of opportunities first I started to investigate this money making process…

Suddenly I realized that there is no SCAM in this process. You’re depending on your own. If you are person with will and patience and if you want to make money in some time this is for you...
You can start from zero and end up with 1000 of dollars but not overnight it takes a while and only thing you need is PATIENCE!

This is one of the best ptc site which started in 2008. Now it has millions of members worldwide.

If you want to give it a shot Click on a banner below and sign up/register:

neobux is a pay-to-click site which pays you by clicking the ads. But no one can get rich or make extra pocket money by clicking 10 ads a day…
your earning might be $0.010.
But there is a strategy which is working to multiply your earning.

Don’t worry for little amounts have patience and it will worth it... 

This is how much you can make in one year by following this and if you continue in 2 years you can double it or tipple it

So about strategy.
Site is offering referrals which you can rent for a certain amount of money which you already earned by clicking on ads...
You must have referrals to get money….

There are two kinds of referrals:
direct referrals
rented referrals

Direct referrals you can get through your own skill.
Talking to family, friends, advertising, telling neighbours, videos, blogs, flayers…

Getting direct referrals are good only if they are active otherwise you cannot make money.

Rented referrals are those you have to rent with certain amount of money for a limited time in this case 30,60,90,150 or 240 days.

So as you could assume Neobux is offering service of renting referrals that will work for you… you can rent neobux unrefereed active members for 30 days and you can extend them with auto renewal process or manually to 240 days for a certain amount of money which you already earned on Neobux (no investment) . 

So let’s go to guide about referrals...

first sign up by clicking banner

After signup you will get a verification link to your email from neobux. Just check your mail and click the verification link in order to activate your account.

Login to neobux and click ads. If you do not click  a single ad within 72 hours of registration your account will get suspended.

Once you click ads you're account will be active for 30 days. If you aren't active 30 days your account will be temporarily suspended and if you will not be active up to 60 days your account will be permanently suspended.

Just be active on neobux because this is one of the innovative project which will make you earn money in a next few months sacrificing only 30-40 minutes a day maybe even less.

Once you will be the member of the neobux just read the forum post of success stories  of the people earning more than $2500 per month without investment. If they could earn then also we could earn.

 Now let me to explain how you can earn money from neobux with zero investment.

Neobux strategy work with rented referrals. Direct referrals are good but most of the them became inactive. You cannot get Direct referrals if you are not  member for 15 days and didn’t click at least 100 ads.

As a standard member of neobux you can refer only limited members. As your membership became old, then you can refer more members .

How much can you earn from your referral's click

See below  the amount you earn per click and each of your direct referrals click, your rented referral's click depending on the type of membership you have and type of the exposed advertisement.

Obviously rented referral's click will earn you more money, but DR will give you bonus if they do minijobs. For rented referral's you have to pay the certain amount of money for limited period of time. Again you have to renew them before the period expires to 30,60,90,150 or 240 days.

Rented referrals are the active members. If some of the rented referral's became inactive for 4 or 5 days then there is an option to recycle them to get active members. For each rented referral to recycle it will cost you $0.07 but not from your pocket, just follow guide… Picture below is showing cost of recycling. This one will be recycled because his AVG ratio is 0.957 and is causing loss…. But I will explain it in further text.


Find server time and click your ads every day, because if you don’t click them in server time you will not be credited with referral's earning, your referral's commission depends on your yesterday click on server time.
You can find Server time when you click on tab View Advertisements 

Once you identify your server time, click on all the available ads and try to click them at the same time every day. You need at least $2 in your account to rent the referrals.

Do the mini jobs and do the clicking...it will not take long earn 2$ You can make 1$ in few days just by completing minijobs. 

You can find Mini jobs under Offers tab

Mini Jobs are appearing 2-4 times per day keep watching them and you can easily get 2$ balance in a few days.

Also there is one more way to earn money and it’s called clicking adprizes. Adprize Once you click your ads you will get 1 NeoPoint, 3 AdPrize Chances and chance of winning 0,50$ each hour.

Limit for cashing out is 2$ but don’t cash it out!!!
Initially you have to invest your earning for RR (rented referrals) to earn even more.
Keep in mind that how can you multiply your earning.
Now click on your username and click on referrals tab

Cost of referral is $0.20 for 30 days you can get them in a packages of 3,5,10,15 to 100. First you need to transfer your main balance money to rental balance. Do that by clicking username and + sign in front of Rental Balance

Once you clicked you will see

Click on main ballance and then choose how much money will you transfer

(Transfer all you can for now)
Because you need money for extending referrals each day they click…
I will explain it little later.
Now let’s rent referrals (People who work for you)

You will do that by clicking on a Username and and find referral button.
You can rent referrals every 7 days… so if you have larger sum on your main balance you can rent 10-20-100 but be sure not to spend all of it!! You need to have at least half on a rental balance… If you buy 5 RR you need to have 1$ on rental balance after buying them so you could manage them.
For now choose pack of 5 not 10!

1$ will be deducted from your rental balance. Now under summary (your username) click on a Rented

to see referral list. You will see something like this. After that turn on AutoPay option to enable it

Enabled AutoPay should look like this



This is explanation why you need money on your rental balance...
Autopay is cool feature that automatically renew your rented referrals one more day if they click on ads. Suppose you rented 5 referrals on a 30 days … After that period you need to rent them again (renew). But if you enable the autopay then it will automatically renew your referral for one more day if that referral click today.

For example you rented rented July 9th. if your referral click on ad in July 9th then autopay will renew him July 10th. That means your next due date for renewal for that referral is July 10th instead of July 9th. And autopay has 15% discount on renewal process…

Autopay will work when your referrals click. If your referrals did not click it wont renew them. And autopay is working for referrals that has more than 20 days until they expire. So keep it on so you don’t loose your referral...

So when the referral reach 20 days for next payment then you should have to manually renew it for another 30 days in order to keep autopay work for referrals.

In order to renew your referrals autopay deducts the payment from your rental balance. If  the rental balance has insufficient fund then it will reduce money from your main balance. If both have insufficient balance then it will not be triggered and it will be reduced when you have enough funds. Usually autopay price is less than manual price for renewing referrals for 30 days or 60 days.

If you decide not to enable autopay, you can renew your referrals manually before they reach expire date.

Daily AutoPay offers some discount for renewing referrals

using autopay offers 15% discount

but manual renewing discounts

-Renewing for 15 more days offers no discount.
-Renewing for 30 more days offers a 5% discount.
-Renewing for 60 more days offers a 10% discount.
-Renewing for 90 more days is offers a 18% discount.
-Renewing for 150 more days is offers a 25% discount.
-Renewing for 240 more days is offers a 30% discount.

we can see renewing referral for 15 days,30 days or 60 days we get discounts which is below autopay 15% of discount

So if you are renewing referrals for 30 days or 60  days keep it on.

But if you are renewing more than 90 days discounts will be better
So if you decide to have better discount keep autopay off..

 But initially when you are renting referrals, you can rent them for 30 days or 60 days which you have earned from neobux only by clicking the ads,completing offers and mini jobs and also clicking the adprize.

It is always recommended that  as a standard member at first, you can rent less referrals and extend them for more days.

Check your rented referral status. People are saying that if referral has less than 1.4  then recycle it to get a new referral . That is called static rule. But no, do not follow the static rule.

Best thing you can do, watch your referral's activity everyday. It may happen an active referral who had a good clicking average due to some personal  reason he could not click 5 or 6 days or he went to holidays , then you should be patient to that referral and give some more days. Therefore, previous behavior of the referral is the matter, while considering to recycling a referral. Neobux has an export option. Everyday export your referrals clicking activity and save it in your notepad. Then make an excel sheet and import your referral's data from notepad to excel sheet. watch their behavior, and if a referral is clicking only 5 ads last 15 days, then for sure that referral is not profitable for you. You should recycle that referral to get a new referral. For recycling an inactive referral will cost you $0.07. 

Develop your recycling strategy to get maximum profit.

Once you reach another rental process (after 7 days) keep renting and transfer it to rental balance in order to keep enough balance , for your recycling activity. Again, when your rental balance reach $2 then go for 5 or even 10 - 20 - 100 more rented referrals

Continue this process until you reach 300 rented referrals. After getting 300 referrals, stop the process of renting referrals.  It is the time for you to upgrade your membership into golden member. when you have 300 referrals you might have enough earning in your account but do not cash out . Save that money in your main balance and when it reach $90 just upgrade your membership into golden.

Once you get golden membership your earning will be significantly increased. Every week you can rent referrals until it reach more than 2000 and manage your referrals by renewing and recycling. Time will come you can earn more than $30 per day, if you go through this process. It may take some time but still it has good result.

Last words...
Always read Neobux forum, if you have any doubt, then  you can ask their help or contact live support. So, If you are not a member of neobux site yet, then consider to join now.

Thats It Join Now and start earning by clicking banner below:

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